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That “green stuff”

I don’t know where to start 

It was actually my first experience with that “gs” and it was awesome

I felt like one of the characters in the “Inception” movie

I felt that I have a lot of dimension, paralyzing thoughts, hallucination, whatever it was, I think I had it too much hahaha

Maybe for the next time I wouldn’t take it too much because I don’t used to

Now I know why people like it

Even when I’m writing this, I still feel a little bit dizzy

But the most important things that I’m still alive hahaha

And I feel so much happier than before

And feel being more confidence

Whatever that was, I don’t know whether to try it again or not hahaha

I don’t know how

but I could see

that rain in your eyes

and rainbow

flattering in your every footstep

shuttering sounds of happiness

and ignorance of universe

Here I am

looking at your picture in my wallet


and again

try to find you again

who was mine

But maybe

it is too late

you are a woman now

with him

P.S: I wonder why you follow me, then suddenly unfollow me on Twitter -__-

One day I have to try 

Trying just to be myself

Because no matter how good I am

No one will ever truly listening to what I’ve had in life

I want to let go the past

I know it is hard but I want to try

I know I don’t have anything in this world

But at least I can show them I am what I am

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