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That “green stuff”

I don’t know where to start 

It was actually my first experience with that “gs” and it was awesome

I felt like one of the characters in the “Inception” movie

I felt that I have a lot of dimension, paralyzing thoughts, hallucination, whatever it was, I think I had it too much hahaha

Maybe for the next time I wouldn’t take it too much because I don’t used to

Now I know why people like it

Even when I’m writing this, I still feel a little bit dizzy

But the most important things that I’m still alive hahaha

And I feel so much happier than before

And feel being more confidence

Whatever that was, I don’t know whether to try it again or not hahaha

I don’t know how

but I could see

that rain in your eyes

and rainbow

flattering in your every footstep

shuttering sounds of happiness

and ignorance of universe

Here I am

looking at your picture in my wallet


and again

try to find you again

who was mine

But maybe

it is too late

you are a woman now

with him

P.S: I wonder why you follow me, then suddenly unfollow me on Twitter -__-

One day I have to try 

Trying just to be myself

Because no matter how good I am

No one will ever truly listening to what I’ve had in life

I want to let go the past

I know it is hard but I want to try

I know I don’t have anything in this world

But at least I can show them I am what I am

At one day in the class, she was busy chatting with other girls. Guess I need to be the first to initiate.Then I was coming towards her.

The first thing I saw from her is.. how cute her boobs was..

Upss, just kidding! Of course not!

We were talking about movies. It was cartoons actually. She loved cartoons. Back then, she always excited when I told her about “Wall-E”. So, I decided to borrow the movie from her. I felt stupid, but happy as I can remember. I never knew how to reach a girl’s attention. I was quite happy just to knew there was a girl who could be on chat with me for about a minute or two. It was enough for me.

When we were talking.

It was her warming little smile towards me.

For the first time, I just knew that I believed her. I felt something gentle in my heart. Is this love?

Who knows?

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